Learning To Fly A Floatplane

15 November 2022
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Flying a plane can allow a person to have a tremendous degree of freedom when it comes to where they will travel. In addition to conventional aircraft, floatplanes can be one option that individuals may want to consider learning how to fly. Floatplanes Can Offer Access To Isolated Destinations A disadvantage of traditional aircraft can be their need for a long paved surface for landing and taking off. This can force them to only operate out of established airports. Read More …

Is A Family Resort Better For Kids?

26 July 2022
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If you're planning a vacation with your family—including children—you might be wondering whether you should stay at a regular hotel or a family resort. In theory, family resorts are supposed to be better for stays with children, but is there much difference?  As it turns out, you and your kids will likely have a much better time staying at a family-friendly resort than a hotel that doesn't specify being for families. Read More …

Road To Hana Sights For Active People

20 April 2022
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The Road to Hana is one of the most enjoyable things to see on Maui. This road stretches across the island, and people often drive it, stopping along the way to see various sights. There are also tour companies that organize private tours along the road. In fact, there are so many tours that you may not know which one to choose! A good strategy is to look at the stops on each tour and choose a Road to Hana private tour that stops at attractions you're most interested in. Read More …

How To Choose A Corporate Vacation Rental

21 December 2021
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Are you a corporate looking to rent a vacation rental? You have the option of booking a corporate vacation rental. Corporate housing is designed to meet the needs of traveling business executives and professionals. The following are the telltale signs of an ideal corporate vacation rental.  Location, Location, Location   The perfect corporate vacation rental should be in a strategic location. Therefore, you should consider the purpose of the vacation when evaluating the site. Read More …

3 Reasons To Rent A Private Jet For Your Next Vacation

10 September 2021
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Private jets have been a staple form of transportation for the rich and famous for many years. You may be surprised to discover that renting a private jet is an attainable goal for all consumers. If you are planning a family vacation, take the time to consider how renting a private jet can enhance the quality of your upcoming trip. 1. Keep Your Family Safe Safety is a top priority for any family looking to travel. Read More …