Qualities To Look For In A Snorkeling Vest

14 October 2019
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Buying the right gear for your new pastime of snorkeling isn't just about looking the part—you also want your gear to provide the desired functionality and to keep you safe. One essential piece of snorkeling gear for an upcoming snorkeling outing is a snorkeling vest, which you inflate to help you remain afloat on the water. With the vest secured to your torso, you can position yourself face down and have hours of fun swimming around and scanning what's below you. Read More …

Tips For An Enjoyable First Deep Sea Fishing Charter

26 August 2019
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If you have always dreamed of going out on a deep-sea fishing charter to catch a marlin or other large sportfish and have just booked your first trip, then these tips will ensure the day is as enjoyable as possible. Wear and Pack Sunscreen with a High SPF Rating Not only will the sun burn you when you are outside all day, but when you are fishing on the ocean the sun's rays will bounce off of the water and do double sunburn duty. Read More …