Qualities To Look For In A Snorkeling Vest

Qualities To Look For In A Snorkeling Vest

14 October 2019
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Buying the right gear for your new pastime of snorkeling isn't just about looking the part—you also want your gear to provide the desired functionality and to keep you safe. One essential piece of snorkeling gear for an upcoming snorkeling outing is a snorkeling vest, which you inflate to help you remain afloat on the water. With the vest secured to your torso, you can position yourself face down and have hours of fun swimming around and scanning what's below you. As you begin to shop for a snorkeling vest, here are some qualities that this accessory should offer.

Bright Color

You need to choose a snorkeling vest that has a bright color. Many such garments do, but this isn't always the case. A bright color is all about making sure that you're visible when you're snorkeling, especially if there's a risk of a boat approaching your area. With your head down, you won't always be aware of what's coming toward you on the water, and this can mean that you aren't able to wave your arms to alert a boater of your presence. The bright color of your vest can quickly alert boaters of your position, even at a considerable distance.


You should also look for a snorkeling vest that has a whistle. Typically, the whistle will be fastened to the vest on a short lanyard positioned on the shoulder or chest of the vest. This position means that you can quickly grab the whistle and put it in your mouth, or in some cases, grab it directly with your mouth so that you can blow into it hastily. This is another safety measure. If you need to get someone's attention, blowing the whistle in short bursts will do the trick. Look for a whistle that has a bright color so that you can find it quickly when needed.

Ease Of Inflation

When it's time to get in the water for a snorkeling adventure, you want to be able to inflate your snorkeling vest quickly and easily. Don't be afraid to talk to a sales rep at your local sporting goods store to ascertain which vests are easier to blow up than others. Those that are inexpensive can sometimes be less than ideal in this regard. The valve may be lightweight and flimsy, and it may take a lot of effort to get the vest full of air. Conversely, higher-quality snorkeling vests will often be easy to inflate in just a short amount of time.

To learn more, contact your local snorkeling shop.