Tips For An Enjoyable First Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Tips For An Enjoyable First Deep Sea Fishing Charter

26 August 2019
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If you have always dreamed of going out on a deep-sea fishing charter to catch a marlin or other large sportfish and have just booked your first trip, then these tips will ensure the day is as enjoyable as possible.

Wear and Pack Sunscreen with a High SPF Rating

Not only will the sun burn you when you are outside all day, but when you are fishing on the ocean the sun's rays will bounce off of the water and do double sunburn duty. For this reason, you need to pack sunscreen with a very high SPF rating for your deep-sea fishing trip. Without it, you will come back looking like a lobster. And, for maximum protection, put some on before you ever leave home.

Take Motion Sickness Medication as Soon as You Arrive on the Dock

Whether you have been seasick in the past or not, it's important you understand that most people who go deep-sea fishing will have an issue with motion sickness due to the large waves.

To prevent seasickness from ruining your fishing trip, take some motion sickness medication when you arrive on the dock. It won't hurt you if you don't get sick and it very well might make your trip a whole lot nicer.

Always Show Respect to the Captain by Asking for Permission to Board

When you are on board a fishing boat, the captain is in charge. What the captain says goes, and they always have the final word on any dispute.

To show respect to the captain of your fishing charter and show that you understand their leadership position, ask them for permission to board before you step on the boat. Not only will they happily grant your wish, but they will also form a positive opinion of you and this is a perfect way to start your fishing trip off right.

Ask for the Proper Procedure When You Need to Use the Bathroom

Some fishing charters have bathrooms and others have alternative toilet options. To ensure you don't flush something you shouldn't down the toilet, always ask for the proper procedure before using the onboard restroom facilities.

Never Bring Along a Banana in Your Lunch

Finally, if you will be bringing along your own lunch on the day of your fishing trip, you must avoid bringing any bananas. Bananas are considered to be bad luck and it is believed by fishermen that they keep the fish away. Whether or not you believe in this superstition, you should respect it and leave your bananas at home in the fruit bowl.