3 Things You Should Know About Visiting Puerto Rico

28 June 2018
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Puerto Rico is a very beautiful island that you can easily travel to from the United States. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, which means that Puerto Rico citizens are also United States citizens. That also means that, since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, you don't need a passport to travel there. Puerto Rico is an island paradise that you can freely visit as a United States citizen. Read More …

Your Hotel Wedding Can Be Eco-Friendly

26 June 2018
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If you are considering a hotel wedding, you are in good company. Many brides opt for hotel weddings thanks to the wealth of resources they offer. One of the biggest concerns among couples choosing a hotel wedding is whether or not they can hold the event exactly as they want it. For those searching for environmentally-friendly options, this concern is warranted. If you are looking for ways to make your wedding friendly to the surroundings, consider using these tips, all of which are hotel-friendly. Read More …

Four Faqs When It Comes To Working As A Translator

23 June 2018
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If you have ever thought about working as a translator, there are some things about this career choice you might not know. To help you better understand what it's like to work as a translator, here are the answers to four frequently asked questions. Is There a Difference Between Interpreters and Translators? While they both convert information into another language, there are differences between interpreters and translators. One of the main differences is that interpreters deal with the spoken language while translators work with the written language. Read More …

Are You Going To The Holy Land?

20 June 2018
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Have you always wanted to go to the Holy Land? Perhaps long ago you saw movies like The Ten Commandments or The Greatest Story Ever Told, and you decided at that time that one day you would travel to far away lands that were depicted in those movies. Or, it might be that you are a serious student of the Bible and you want to see places that you have read about. If the time has finally arrived for you to take a Holy Land trip, you are more than likely feeling both excited, and a bit overwhelmed. Read More …

Tips On How To Dress For A Wine Tour

18 June 2018
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Once you've looked at different vineyard tours and booked one for you and your friends, it's time to give some thought to how you'll dress for the occasion. You should first check on the wine tour's website to confirm if there are any attire requirements. Although this isn't always the case, you'll find that some tours request that you dress for the event in a specific manner. If there aren't any instructions, you have the option of dressing however you'd like — but you'll want to keep some specific ideas in mind. Read More …