Interested In Bike Tours In Thailand? What To Know Before You Go

Interested In Bike Tours In Thailand? What To Know Before You Go

8 July 2018
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When taking a trip to Thailand, one of the great things you don't want to miss out on are the beautiful views, mountains, nature and more. A great way to cover a lot of ground and to see a lot of the area is to travel by bike. This way you don't have to deal with the high population of vehicles on the road and traffic jams. Here are some of the things to consider.

Rent a High-Quality Bike

If you intend on spending hours on the bike and you could be using the bike more than one day during the trip, invest the money to rent a high-quality bike that is designed for riding and long trips. You don't want the rest of your vacation to be ruined because you picked a bike that was cheap, and then your butt, legs, and other areas were sore. You want to be able to shift gears, hit trails, and more while on the trip.

Find a Guide

There are a lot of things to beware of when you are bicycling in a foreign country, such as the wildlife and animals that are predators, criminals looking to take advantage of tourists and the terrain. You want to find a guide to take you into the safe areas that you want to travel and sight-see in, so you won't have to worry and so you are with an expert. Guided bicycle tours are easy to find and worth the cost. You may also probably be able to find a guide that will speak English.

Study the Area and Utilize GPS

Taking the bike and cruising around town and to local attractions that are in public spaces and easy to access is fine to do on your own, but be sure that you don't get lost. Charge all GPS devices and make sure you have a map in case something happens with the service or your battery. Study the map so you can be familiar with the street signs and things that.

You want to book your bike, tour, and guide in advance, to make sure that there are some available on the days when you will be in the country, and so you don't miss seeing the sights and attractions that you are hoping to enjoy during your stay. Get everything booked and get excited to ride and see what Thailand has to offer.

For more information, contact a service that offers guided bicycle tours in Thailand.