How To Choose A Corporate Vacation Rental

How To Choose A Corporate Vacation Rental

21 December 2021
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Are you a corporate looking to rent a vacation rental? You have the option of booking a corporate vacation rental. Corporate housing is designed to meet the needs of traveling business executives and professionals. The following are the telltale signs of an ideal corporate vacation rental. 

Location, Location, Location  

The perfect corporate vacation rental should be in a strategic location. Therefore, you should consider the purpose of the vacation when evaluating the site. If you are on a business trip, staying near a city, event center, institutions, and business parks make sense. Then, you may opt for a vacation rental near tourist attractions if you are taking a corporate holiday. Besides, you may have to select a location with a natural setting for peace and tranquility. Also, think about how you plan to get around. If you do not have a private car, you should opt for a corporate vacation rental connected to the public transportation grid. 

Amenities and Services 

There are finer details to confirm other than having a fully furnished rental. For instance, check if there is free parking, especially when booking a vacation rental in the city. Since corporate vacations rentals are suitable for long-term use, check out for sporting equipment and facilities for active living. Also, do not assume that you will get Wi-Fi with the speed and connectivity that meets your business needs. In addition, enquire about extra services such as laundry, housekeeping, cooking, and shopping. 

Positive Reviews 

In the hospitality industry, you cannot underestimate the value of customer reviews and referrals. The best corporate vacation rental will attract positive recommendations from corporate clients. Thus, check the facility's online sites for corporate endorsements. Also, read through the reviews from previous guests. Did the amenities match the photos provided? Were the customers satisfied with the level of service quality? Importantly, pay attention to service failure and how the property managers handled the problem. However, do not rule out a corporate vacation rental based on a few negative feedbacks by hard-to-please clients. 

Pay Attention to the Fine Print 

Make sure you read and understand the guest policies before making a reservation. Essentially, understand the service fees and payment terms. Does the quotation include all applicable fees and taxes? What is the reservation fee? Is there a security deposit, and under what circumstances can the property owner withhold it? Also, what payment methods do the property managers accept. Besides, find out who is responsible for accidental damages. 

You can also confirm the following:

  • Arrival and departure dates
  • The cancellation policy
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Will you have to do the cleaning before leaving? 

Before booking a corporate vacation rental, research the property and owner and scrutinize the contract. Needless to say, corporate vacation rentals are few, necessitating early reservations. 

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