Tips on How to Make Your Yacht Charter a Safer One

Tips on How to Make Your Yacht Charter a Safer One

16 July 2020
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It's a fun and relaxing time taking a yacht charter out on the water and just enjoying yourself. Hiring a yacht charter can make for a fantastic vacation or even for a day's sailing enjoyment. To make sure you enjoy the yacht charter, there are some things you need to do to keep yourself and your friends and family safe.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your yacht charter is a safer one. The captain and crew should go over these safety tips with you and ensure you know how to do each one.

1. Know How to Properly Use the Safety Equipment

It's a good idea for everyone on board to understand and learn how to use most of the safety equipment on board. While for the most part, on a yacht charter the captain and crew will be responsible for handling any emergencies, what happens if they are sick or injured? Someone else on the boat will need to know how to contact help and ensure everyone on board gets back to shore safely.

Everyone should know where the lifejackets are stored and how to properly put them on. This should be practiced before the yacht charter leaves shore. Make sure there are enough for everyone on board and that they are in good shape.

Also, know where the fire extinguishers are on board. The crew should already be trained in how to operate one, but guests should understand how they work to just in case the crew is unable to help. Everyone on board should also know how to use the yacht's radio. In the event they need to send out a distress call, it's important to know how to change channels, how to communicate on it, and how to transmit and receive messages.

2. Know How to Handle Medical Situations

The captain and crew of the yacht charter should be trained in how to deal with certain medical situations like injuries, but it's also a good idea for guests to have a basic understanding of how to help in the event something goes wrong.  

Have the crew show you where the first aid or medical kit is located. If possible, make sure it's well-stocked before you leave the port. If not, try to bring some of your medical supplies like bandages and antiseptic spray. It's a good idea to know whether there are any health issues with both the crew and guests. Make sure you know how to administer any medication if they are unable to.

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