Answering Your Concerns About Using A Charter Bus Service

Answering Your Concerns About Using A Charter Bus Service

25 March 2020
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When you are needing to get a group to a destination while keeping everyone together, a charter bus may be the best option for providing reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation to the destination. Many group leaders may not have needed to rent one of these vehicles in the past, but learning as much as possible about charter bus services can help you with being prepared for using these services to get your group to its destination.

Is Alcohol Ever Provided By Charter Bus Rental Services?

Depending on the nature of your group and the age of those that will be traveling together, you may want to serve alcoholic beverages to the guests. While some states will allow for individuals to bring their own alcoholic beverages with them onto charter buses, these services providers will not be able to sell or serve alcohol to those on the bus, but they may allow you to bring your own. You will need to clear this ahead of time with the charter bus service as many will not allow alcohol on the bus regardless of local provisions that may make it legal.

What Types Of Issues Must Be Addressed With Long Trips Using Charter Buses?

If you will need to take the charter bus long distance, you should be aware that there may be some additional challenges that will need to be addressed. For example, most states and charter bus services will have a maximum length of time that the drivers can operate the bus in a day. If your trip will exceed this limit, there will be a need to plan for a driver change. This is usually accomplished by having the replacement driver meet the charter bus at a predetermined location. This may require some coordinated planning between you and the charter bus service, but your passengers will likely enjoy a chance to stretch their legs and use restrooms.

Will You Be Billed For The Time While The Bus Is Waiting For You?

Once you arrive at the destination, it may be several hours before you need to take the charter bus back. During this time, there may be a waiting fee that you will have to pay. You may be able to avoid these additional costs by choosing to rent the charter bus by the day rather than by the hour. If you choose one of these services, you may still be liable for any parking fees individuals had to pay.

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