Should You Offer Your Sales Team Incentive Travel?

Should You Offer Your Sales Team Incentive Travel?

15 August 2018
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If you have a sales team that you want to motivate, there are many ways you can reward top-earning sales associates. One popular option is incentive travel, which rewards employees with fully-paid trips to various locales. Before you start creating a program, however, check out these three frequently asked questions to determine if a sales team incentive travel is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Incentive Travel?

A great boss ensures every employee feels like part of the team by providing corporate goals. For example, the sales team's goal may be to find a certain number of new clients. However, you can motivate employees even more by offering them a personal reward too: the possibility for travel. By rewarding your top-earning sales associates, you create a healthy competition, which pushes everyone to work harder. This benefits your bottom line by helping you get new customers, clients, etc., and make more money. At the same time, it reinforces employees' desire to work for the company because they feel valued and rewarded when they do well.

Is Implementing a Program Difficult?

Implementing any new program can be difficult, but there are incentive travel companies that do the work for you. They'll get to know your business to craft a program unique to your industry, employees and needs. This ensures the program actually appeals to employees, so they are more interested in performing well. They can also handle the promotional material for your employees, letting them know about the program and how to win. Finally, with an incentive travel company, you don't have to worry about booking flights, lodging, activities, etc. They'll handle everything for you, so you can watch your business grow, and your employees can focus on working and winning.  

What Are Popular Examples of Incentive Travel Ideas?

There are many different options for travel incentive ideas. Some businesses simply choose popular travel destinations, such as Hawaii, Paris, Hollywood, etc., but others choose locations specific to the business, such as a country/state with another company headquarters. Similarly, they may choose a location for networking. You can also choose to create action-packed, activity-filled, and scheduled trips, or let your sales team create their own itinerary. Wellness travel is also growing in popularity. These include yoga retreats, spa days, etc.

Incentive travel is a great way to motivate your sales department, and there are many options to consider. If you can't afford international trips, consider less expensive local trips. Regardless of where you choose, it's sure to help grow your company. For more information about sales incentive programs, contact a company such as Fab at Incentives.