Your Hotel Wedding Can Be Eco-Friendly

Your Hotel Wedding Can Be Eco-Friendly

26 June 2018
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If you are considering a hotel wedding, you are in good company. Many brides opt for hotel weddings thanks to the wealth of resources they offer. One of the biggest concerns among couples choosing a hotel wedding is whether or not they can hold the event exactly as they want it. For those searching for environmentally-friendly options, this concern is warranted.

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding friendly to the surroundings, consider using these tips, all of which are hotel-friendly.

Avoid Using Cut Flowers

You can decorate with potted plants rather than cutting flowers. Potted plants look beautiful lining an aisle or even used as centerpieces for the reception. Better yet, use local blooms and plants purchased from nearby farmer's markets.

You can also rent silk flowers from many bridal stores. When created properly, silk flowers look just like real flowers to those at your wedding. Plus, you are left with some lovely keepsakes after the event.

Use Vintage Items as Decor

Some of the most beautiful pieces of wedding decor are vintage items. Many vintage items are available at thrift stores or even online, meaning you can still stick to your chosen theme.

Don't Throw Confetti or Rice

Confetti and rice may sound like a fun, traditional idea, but throwing these items often leaves a mark on the environment. If you throw them outside, you risk them being left behind long after your wedding. After all, the small pieces are hard to clean even for professionals.

Use E-Invites

You do not necessarily need to send so many different papers to your potential guests. You can reap the same benefits of these paper invites by using the web for people to RSVP or to send save-the-dates.

Use the Hotel Banquet Hall

Imagine how much gas you can avoid using if you hold your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. Hotels often offer excellent dining options for your guests, and you can still serve delicious meals you love.

Research Sustainable Dresses

If you have never heard of sustainable dress designers, you are in for a treat. These eco-friendly designers use natural fiber fabrics, vintage gowns, and other methods as a way to preserve the environment.

Finally, keep in mind that many hotels will offer wedding planners and additional options that can help keep your event as eco-friendly as possible. Making an appointment with a hotel even coordinator is a great place to start.

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